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Welcome to www.emailradar.com where old email address finds out new e-mail..

How  emailradar.com  Works  &  FAQ :

Q:   I registered an email (into old/new email area), but I did not get an email confirmation for the email address I registered! What can I do?
A:   One of the following: 
  1) Please go to the member center and see if that email is already a "confirmed email" address. If it reads "Y" under the "confirmed (Y/N) field, then you are not supposed to send a confirmation because you already confirmed that email in the past and you do not have to anything..
  2) Your email server perhaps delayed the email. Please check out with your email service provider.
  3) You may have mistyped the email address; please go to  "update records" area and change it.
  4) If none of the above and it still reads "N" under the "confirmed (Y/N) field, please go to "update records" page after you login and update (submit) the same record  one more time; an email by the emailradar.com will be generated right at that moment.

Q:  I have mistakenly entered a wrong email address; what can I do?
A:  You may go to "update records" area and do your corrections. However, if it is a record you do not want anymore, you may just go to "delete records" area and delete it.

Q:  Is using the service or membership free?
A:  Yes.

Q:  I submitted membership info, but did not get an email ?
A:  A few possible reasons : invalid email address entered; your email server was down; your email server delayed your email; our email server was down... You may try to re-submit your membership info, with the same login id or use a different one. (Under normal conditions, you get an "error" or "successful registration" message after you submit your data!)

Q:  How advanced is your website compared to others?
A:  Currently (at the moment emailradar.com has been established), there is no website that gives you both of the following advanced options:

- we provide "public/non-public" email address option for the user/registrar.

- we provide "look for it" service, in which, if you can not get any result for your search, we keep the email address you are looking for in our database for 3 years and let you know when it is registered.

Have a nice day...

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