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Find out the new email address by entering the old one..
Also, in case you cannot find the new email address you look for right now, we can keep your inquiry in our database for 3 years and notify you whenever the email is registered.
Let your friends, colleagues and contacts know about your new email address if you changed your email and what they know is currently inactive! So, register your old and new email addresses now.!. In our system, you have the option to release your email yourself for each inquiry as well..!

Register  your old and new emails through our fast registration process; please click below

After registration, learn out if your friend is looking for you at your old email address!!

Our  database helps you reach your lost contacts by keeping old/inactive and corresponding new/active
  email addresses.. 
Emailradar.com is the first on internet with its advanced email search system and secure registration options.. 


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  • our goal: become a center for letting your friends, colleagues, business contacts and many others know about your new email address (at your discretion; we give you the option!), and finding new email address of the person you are trying to reach..
  • emailradar.com has been designed to be a secure, fully automated system, up and running with almost no admin interaction..
  • in near future, we will not accept (old) emails that are already inactive and not verifiable.. Currently, since there is a need, we accept them and clearly indicate which emails have been verified by the owner and which have not, in the search results. Therefore, we urge you register your current/active emails within our database now, and let us verify that you are the owner of that email. So, whenever your current email becomes inactive by any reason, you register it as an old email with no further confirmation. For more detailed information about how emailradar.com works, please click here..
  • in order to register your emails, first, register as a member, easily through our fast registration system using member services link. Then, enter your old new emails in your member area, all in a few minutes. You can update almost all the information you entered anytime, or delete them..
  • before using emailradar.com service, either search or registration, all users should read legal notice & terms of use and accept the terms. Using our service,  you indicate that you read them and accepted. Use of emailradar.com database for marketing purposes is not permitted. All our rules are strictly enforced to keep our database dependable and secure.

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